Core Interaction

Week 12

4/13 – 4/16

Friday, Lab

This week’s lab demo videos


  • Choose one of the Glitch demos to remix. Use the demo as a starting point to reinterpret the demo and experiment with the possibilities of that technology (either persistent storage or websockets). You’ll need to make changes to the HTML, CSS and JavaScript in order to make the demo your own.
  • Next week you’ll present your demo to the class and explain how you changed the code. You should also begin thinking about how this technology relates to your final project Input/Output.
  • Your final Input/Output project doesn’t need to use Glitch (or these demos), but these could be inspiration for potential directions to take your project in, and this technology allows you to create interactions that aren’t otherwise possible in a purely static site (like what you have hosted on GitHub).

Thursday, Studio


Tuesday, Studio


  • Complete your Elastic Collections project for Thursday. It should be online at the start of class. Please be on time!