Core Interaction

Week 12

4/20 – 4/25

Friday, Lab


  • Finish creating your weather prototype. It needs too connect to’s weather API and display the current weather forecast of your location of choice in an interesting and dynamic way. Post a link to the completed prototype to your Slack channel by next week’s lab class.

Thursday, Studio


  • Design proposal for your project – you’ll create a PDF that introduces your idea, your research, and 3 divergent design ideas for that same idea. Each idea should be structurally and visually unique. This means that the way you navigate the website should be different and that they cannot use the same type style or colors. All of your designs should follow the rules your classmates provided during your roast.
  • Read The Decentralized Web Explained and Why We Need a Web 3.0 and post a discussion comment or question in the general channel on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, Studio


  • Send me your poster for Paula sometime this evening.
  • Prepare questions for Paula Volchok and come to class on time