Core Interaction


Project 4. Intx w/People



  • To design for a specific user in mind
  • To build an online tool
  • To use Javascript to create unique outputs


The web is capable of formatting and rendering webpages. It is also capable of completing tasks by taking input of the users. For example:

A gif converter on images and videos before posting social media.

A pixel image painter


Create a set of rules which lead your website to generate contents and form by audience’s input. You use HTML, CSS and JS to make the website. What is your idea and how does it connect to your rule? Who is your audience and how do they interact on the web? Is your idea presented in the final typography and form?

In this project, we’ll explore the boundaries of what a tool can be when it is made on the web. It is very important that you test and try to use the tool you make. Ask as many people as possible to play with it. It will help you improve the tool.


  • User can give an input to receive a unique output
  • Site should take advantage of different screen sizes

Schedule (Week 12–15)

  • W 12–1. Final Review: Project 2. Introduce: Unit 3. Assign: Lecture + reading.
  • W 12–2. Discuss: Lecture + reading. Introduce: Project 3. Assign: Ideas.
  • W 13–1. Review: Ideas. Assign: Iteration.
  • W 13–2. Review (1–9): Iteration. Assign: Implementation
  • W 14–1. Review (10–18): Iteration. Assign: Implementation
  • W 14–2. Review (1–9): Implementation.
  • W 15–1. Review (10–18): Implementation.
  • W 15–2. Final Review: Project 4. Class Reflection and Q&A.