Core Interaction

Week 9

3/30 – 4/3

Friday, Lab


  • Finish the jQuery in-class exercises.
  • Add a simple interaction to your class website home page.

Thursday, Studio


  • Pick one direction to move forward with and refine it based on today’s feedback. Also design it at a mobile size.
  • Read Premonition by Toby Shorin, Drew Austin, Kara Kittel, Kei Kreutler, Edouard Urcades and describe your opinion on how the pandemic will affect graphic design (A sentence or two, even bullet points are fine! This can just be talking points. Post this on our #general channel at the start of class on Tuesday).

Tuesday, Studio

  • Studio Zoom Link
  • Isolation Diary check in and review homework.
  • In Slack: join all the student channels. Place your link in your channel and then connect all your channels together.
  • Small group meetings in breakout rooms. Share your ideas verbally and then have one person in your group summarize the feedback in the slack channel with your name on it.
  • Good news: Melisa Ozkan will be a guest lecturer on 04/14!
  • Zine evaluations. We’ll meet one on one. Here is our order
  • Work on your homework


  • Design three distinct versions for the homepage of your website in Sketch. Each version should be both structurally and visually different. Be ready to share your designs (sketch cloud link). You can design them at a desktop format, but consider how it will function on a smaller screen as you’re working.