Core Interaction

Week 9

3/22 – 3/26

Friday, Lab

This week’s lab demo videos


  • Continue working on the Airtable API integration. By next week you should have a page that pulls data from one of your Airtable bases and inserts content into the page. You must do more than just insert a row of books with a background image using the cover and the title of the book, like from my example. If you want to receive credit for the assignment you must make the code your own and do something new and interesting with the data.

Thursday, Studio


  1. Make sure you have all the necessary materials from your partner.
  2. With your new collection in hand, evaluate what’s working about it and what could be refined.
  3. Begin to audit and edit your collection. Refine any details and feel free to re-interpret what you’ve received.
  4. Add at least 10 new entries to the collection.
  5. In Figma, begin sketching 3 ideas of how the collection can be organized. These can be rough and gestural.

Tuesday, Studio


  • Based on today’s meeting, finetune your collection. Make any necessary adjustments to the content so that it feels consistent and clear. Include language (headings, titles) to your advantage to help streamline the experience. Make sure everything is saved properly and is easily accessible to someone else.