Core Interaction

Week 5

2/16 – 2/19

Friday, Lab

This week’s lab demo video

Next week’s lab demo video


  • Finish your Music Collection site. Turn the project in to Canvas by pasting the link to your code on GitHub Pages.

Thursday, Studio

  • Zoom room
  • Today’s Notes
  • Discuss SVGs and CSS animations
  • In class activity (CSS animation)
  • Office hours to talk about project


  • Complete your in class activity (CSS Animation) and submit it on Canvas
  • Start programming your Stories as Networks project if you haven’t already and have a draft online for Tuesday.

Tuesday, Studio

  • Zoom room
  • Today’s Notes
  • Look at a few recently online examples
  • Compare typographic explorations
  • Small group critiques


  • Based on today’s feedback finalize your design and if ready, begin programming it! The project is due 03/02