Core Interaction

Week 4

2/10 – 2/14

Friday, Lab


  • Finish creating the digital layout of your Net Art Anthology piece. You’ll need to incorporate each of the topics we discussed in the Typography and Layouts on the Web lecture. These include:
    • Custom font
    • Modular type system made using CSS classes
    • A column structure using flexbox
    • A grid using CSS Grid
    • Media queries for a different mobile layout
    • Media query to control print styles

Thursday, Studio


  • Send out your interview ASAP with the edits I provided. Aim to have your answers by 02/20 (02/24 at the latest)
  • Continue researching your topic and collect 10 more posts to your channel aiming to have a mix of visual research and documentation around your topic.
  • Complete your in class activity

Tuesday, Studio

  • Fieldtrip to the cybernetics library!


  • Due THURSDAY: Read The New Web Typography and write a discussion question. Discussion leader is Ani, please make sure to introduce Jan Tschichold (mentioned in reading) in your presentation.
  • Send out your interview (once I respond to your email)
  • Create an account and create a channel for this project. Start researching your idea – have at least 10 posts saved by Thursday (can be articles, visual research, sketches etc.)