Core Interaction

Week 2

1/27 – 1/31

Friday, Lab

  • Lecture: HTML & CSS, Part 1
  • Talk about Positioning and Geometric Abstraction exercise
  • Discuss common HTML/CSS problems
  • Troubleshooting programming problems remotely:
    1. Push your most recent code to GitHub before reaching out for help.
    2. Send an email with a link directly to the file on GitHub where you are having trouble. For example: I will be able to make comments directly to your code in GitHub.
    3. Include screenshots of the problems you are describing.
  • 1 on 1 reviews and group worktime. Please divide into small groups of 2 or 3. Help the other students in your group if they get stuck with something, and ask the group for help if you are stuck. You may choose to work on the lab assignment or continue working on your Time Capsule studio projects.


  • Complete the Geometric Abstraction exercise and upload to GitHub.
  • Update your GitHub pages repo by styling it using CSS. Make sure you are linking to an external stylesheet and adding all of your CSS to the external CSS file.
  • Read W3 School’s CSS tutorials. Please skim the contents of each section under the “CSS Tutorial” sidebar. (That’s the sections named “CSS HOME” through “CSS Website Layout”).

Thursday, Studio


  • Finish your Time Capsule project! It should be linked to your student homepage at the start of class. Check to see if it’s working BEFORE class. This means look at it online (not locally!).
  • Come to class on time.

Tuesday, Studio