Core Interaction

Week 11

4/13 – 4/17

Friday, Lab

  • Lab Zoom Link
  • Glitch demos
  • Open office hours on Zoom – sign up in the Slack #general channel for one-on-one meetings. Other students are welcome to listen in and participate on Zoom. Many of the issues you’ll be encountering at this point are also similar issues other students are encountering.


  • Prepare for Isolation Diary critique on Tuesday. Be ready to share your screen, describe the idea behind your project, and walk the viewers through your project, making sure to highlight any interactions.
  • Double-check that your Isolation Diary is linked to on your GitHub home page!

Thursday, Studio


  • Finish Isolation Diary. It should be online and ready at 9am. You should be able to present your work articulately and present it with confidence to our guests.
  • Send me your poster for Paula on Slack by Tuesday night

Tuesday, Studio


  • Continue working on isolation diary