Core Interaction

Week 10

4/6 – 4/10

Friday, Lab

  • Lab Zoom Link
  • Group review of simple interactions
  • Isolation Diary check in (refer to Slack channel #coding-questions for schedule)
    • Please be ready to share your screen and quickly present your project, then follow up with technical questions you may.
  • Use this Dropbox Paper doc to add programming suggestions for the remainder of the semester. I’d like to use this feedback to get an understanding of what you want to focus on, and what you need help with.


  • Continue to develop Isolation Diaries. Post progress to your GitHub page by Tuesday, April 14, end of day. I will be reviewing and posting comments on your code directly in GitHub.

Thursday, Studio

  • Studio Zoom Link
  • Observe new project deadline
  • SVGs and CSS Animation Review
  • Work on posters – share in small groups and then program it. Please send me a complete draft by the end of day so that I can place it in an archive (post a link in your Slack channel)


  • Complete your Poster for Melisa Ozkan and prepare questions for her. Make sure to be on time to class on Tuesday! Please send me your poster by Friday night at the latest so that I can put it into an archive.
  • Continue working on your Isolation Diary. Begin programming if you haven’t already and prepare questions for Dylan for Friday.

Tuesday, Studio


  • Finish your Isolation Diary site design and begin programming.