Core Interaction

Week 10

3/30 – 4/1

Friday, Lab

This week’s lab demo videos

View the #demos channel in Slack for supplemental demos from Dana Kim.


  • Before next week’s class, please submit a question to the bottom of this week’s Airtable show and tell document.
  • Begin/continue your Elastic Collection prototypes. Make sure your code is pushed to GitHub as you continue to make progress. Remember, the collection you use for the Elastic Collection project is the collection you swapped with your partner, not your own collection.

Thursday, Studio


  • Finalize your design and have a complete draft for Tuesday. If you’re feeling ready, begin setting up your code.
  • Complete the in class activity: Documenting Your Partners Work, for Thursday

Tuesday, Studio

  • Zoom room
  • Today’s Notes
  • Review examples of design presentations
  • Discuss wireframes and site architecture, design concepts
  • Question and answer
  • Small group meeting


  • Develop and refine a wireframe for your website.
  • Present two completely different design concepts for your project. While I’m only requesting two directions, this doesn’t mean you should only design two – I expect that you’ll test out and sketch several different options and only present the two strongest options. Each direction should include:

  • A written description of the concept – what is this about? what are you referencing?
  • A visual depiction of your research – can feel like a “mood board”
  • The homepage design using a unique and specific set of typography and stylistic choices that bring the design concept to life.
  • The two directions should house the same content overall (some variation OK) but should tell two completely different visual stories. While distinct, they should both be appropriate choices for the project.