Core Interaction

Week 1

1/19 – 1/22

Friday, Lab


  • Finish the questionnaire.
  • Set up your GitHub account and GitHub desktop app by following the lab demo video.
  • Create a basic home page for your GitHub account, making sure that your GitHub Pages site is set up properly. If I visit your site, I should be able to see it at a domain that looks similar to this:
  • Before our next class, double-check that your username is properly linked to your GitHub page on our class site’s student list. If this link isn’t automatically working after you’ve set up GitHub, post the URL of your GitHub profile in our class Slack channel #a-simovich-fisher and ping me saying that it is not linked.

Thursday, Studio


  • Read Can the Internet be Archived? and write a discussion question. Julia is our discussion leader.
  • Sign up for Figma and download the desktop app as well as the font installer, DO NOT skip the font installer step! Then join our team – you will design in the project with your name on it.
  • Cross-Platform Storytelling – Brainstorm the subject matter for your cross platform storytelling project. Using Figma, sketch out three different ideas for your project. You can either sketch out 3 stories and the platforms you’d use OR 1 story told in 3 different ways and the platforms you’d use for each. Be ready to share your work on Tuesday.

Tuesday, Studio


  • Turn in your introduction slideshow on canvas
  • Watch the two lectures: Cyberspace Origins and Internet Today on the vimeo and prepare to talk about them. Please view the Slack channel for the password.
  • Reading: A Vernacular Web
  • Reading leaders: Yuka and Lou
  • Everyone else writes a discussion comment or question here. Reading leaders, please connect the readings to the two lectures and prepare comments and questions around this.
  • Sign up for Slack. Join #a-simovich-fisher channel.