Core Interaction

Week 1

1/20 – 1/24

Friday, Lab

  • Introductions
  • Discuss Git, GitHub Pages and navigating the terminal: GitHub workshop


  1. Read The seven rules of a great git commit message
  2. Customize the index of your GitHub page. Use as much HTML/CSS/JavaScript as you feel comfortable with. Practice changing the file, committing it with a message, and pushing the changes to GitHub. Everyone should come to class on Week 2 with at least 5 additional commits logged. Make sure that your commit messages are short, descriptive and represent the changes you make, just like the seven rules recommends. You’ll be using GitHub throughout the semester to post work online and save your coding progress, so it’s important to feel comfortable with this process.
  3. Add a link to your class survey completed in Thursday’s studio class to your home page.
  4. Read and/or review the following pages from w3schools. There will be a short quiz next week that tests your knowledge of the concepts outlined in these pages.

Thursday, Studio


  • Finish your survey activity (one survey, styled with the answers filled out)
  • Come to class with a final selection of your images and a draft of the final assets. We will look at putting them on a website in class.
  • Read A Better Internet is Waiting For Us and Nicole is the discussion leader. Everyone else will leave a discussion question here

Tuesday, Studio

  • Introductions + syllabus review
  • Discussion topic: what is web design to you? what are you hoping to learn here? What is the point of this class?
  • Discuss class website
  • Review Project 1: Time Capsule
  • Student introductions and slide shows
  • Watch Lo and Behold