Core Interaction


Studio, Lab


Select a topic within popular or visual culture to research for this project. Once you have a topic, conduct an interview with someone who is actively engaged with your topic in some way (making work about it, teaching about it, posting about it on social media, using a platform that relates to your topic, working somewhere that engages with the topic, etc). Use the contents of the interview to build a single edition issue of a digital zine.

While this project is open ended, consider how you can find a subsection within a greater topic. For example, maybe you want to explore how communication is increasingly becoming more animated/moving so maybe you could reach out to someone who is active on TikTok to answer some questions about this. Consider the relationship between a topic within popular culture that interests you and brainstorm an audience that is likely to respond to you. For example, reaching out to Taylor Swift is probably not possible, but you could try reaching out to a Taylor Swift superfan on instagram. Be open minded about where you can reach out to people – consider emails, instagram, twitter, youtube, other social media, at the school, etc.

Your zine must include:

  • A name for your zine
  • The interview (feel free to edit it down to the most pertinent information)
  • A combination of typography and graphics

All of the graphics included must be edited or created by you (i.e don’t use stock images as a default) make sure to consider how the visual form compliments the interview.

You’ll also need to print out your zine and you’ll work on creating a print stylesheet in lab to stylize this. Consider how both will adjust for the appropriate media.


Due February 25th. Check agenda for increments.

Technical Requirements