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In the text, “The Decentralized Web Explained,” journalist Corin Faife writes,

“Today the seeds of web 3.0 are starting to take root. The third iteration of web technology brings us the decentralized web: a place where services are distributed rather than localized, where users own and control their own data, and where smaller players take back power from corporate giants like Google and Amazon.

The exact meaning of web 3.0, and how it will change our digital lives, is still in the process of being defined, but web decentralization is a trend that exists in the present, and an idea that is gradually taking hold. It represents an important progression for digital culture, but also a return to the values of the original web, where autonomy and creative expression were decoupled from commercial interest.”

The beginning of this decade feels like the beginning of a drastic new chapter in history. We’re currently rethinking how we work and exist with each other in a social distanced environment. Our desire for connection is impacting how we’re spending our resources and our time. The beginnings of web 3.0 are emerging and I believe will amplify during and after this quarantine. For this project, I’d like you to speculate on what this might look like.


Create a website that explores your impression of “Web 3.0.” Your website should be an educated guess on how we’ll use our existing technology in a new way or offer an insight on how communication systems might evolve.

A few examples of ideas:

  • A niche interest community website
  • An alternate social network
  • An exploration of the website as a canvas
  • A text based response to this idea
  • A proposal for a quarantine era event


While I want your ideas to be clear, I’d like you to use this project as a chance to experiment. There are absolutely no right/wrong approaches, and for that reason I’d like you to try something new. The timeline and premise of this project should encourage this rough and gestural component.

Your project must:

  • Look ABSOLUTELY different from your previous projects you’ve completed in this class. If you’ve found yourself adopting a Swiss Modernist perspective of typography – try something new. If you find yourself using a limited color scheme – use at least 10 colors in your design.
  • Utilize mixed media. You must use animation, video, and/or audio in your project.
  • All of the assets in your site should be created by yourself. (No found images unless you edit them into a new composition).


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