Core Interaction

Isolation Diary

Studio, Lab


Last class, we discussed process and the importance of having both an archive of things that inspire you as well as making work and looking at it at as a whole. As the world is experiencing a pandemic crisis, governments and institutions are encouraging citizens to self-quarantine as a preventative measure. Let’s use this time as an opportunity to reflect on our processes.


  1. Starting today, pick a tangential topic regarding the Coronavirus COVID-19 to visually document each day. A tangential topic can be something that obviously relates to the outbreak (visualizing the spread of the illness) or something that touches on the effects of the outbreak (documenting your window each day, highlighting your view as you’re in isolation).
  2. During Spring Break and the week immediately after, you’ll continue to document your subject each day, and you must be able to perform this documentation without interruption (e.g. if you know you will be traveling, don’t pick a location in NYC you won’t have access to).
  3. The medium of your documentation is open – you can use photography, illustration, writing, video, or something else – but the medium should be consistent across all your entries. There should be a relationship between the form you’re creating and your concept.
  4. Consolidate your daily documentation into an board.
  5. Once we’re back from Spring Break, we’ll take our contents and assemble them into a website. The website should serve as an archive that houses all of the work you did as well as any relevant supporting assets. Your project should have at least two ways of viewing your contents – for example: one view could function as a text-based index, and another view could be more gestural and image-based, acting like a poster and captures the spirit of your work. Additionally, you must create a page on your website that explains the process you used to document your subject.

Website Requirements

  • Two distinctly different ways of viewing your content.
  • A page (or multiple) that describes the process of documenting your subject. Explain using both text and image/video how and why you chose to document your subject, and go into detail explaining how this process informed the nature of the final archive.
  • All of your entries need to be treated consistently, and the method of image making you choose should relate to your concept.



  • 03/16 – Email me 3 ideas for your project. Each idea should include: a brief description of your topic, a description and example of the visual image making technique you’ll create, and instructions for when, where, and how you’ll complete the assignment. Once I respond, create an board with the instructions & description as one of the blocks in the channel.
  • 03/30 – Have your board completely populated and ready to share. (You should have at least 14 posts within it. You’ll continue adding on to it as we continue the project).
  • 04/02 – Develop 3 sketches for your archive website (in Sketch)
  • 04/21 – Project Due